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              International Cooperation & Exchange Office

              Office of International Cooperation and Exchanges & Office for Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan Affairs serves as the administrative unit for foreign exchanges and centralized management of internal and external affairs. In accordance with the principles, policies and administrative provisions of the CPC and the State on foreign affairs of education and internal affairs of Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, the Office plans, implements, and manages cooperation and exchanges internationally and with Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan. Specifically, the office is responsible for:

              1.Developing and expanding international exchanges and cooperation in teaching and research projects with overseas educational institutions; consulting, drafting (and approving), and signing cooperation agreements;

              2. Liaison, reception, and management of foreign delegations;

              3. Organizing applications and managing implementations of temporary programs of overseas business trips for university-level delegations and faculties, securing their IDs;

              4. Organizing, promoting, and implementing state and university funded overseas visiting scholar programs, degree programs, and internship;

              5. Recruiting, signing contracts, distributing payrolls, and managing daily for long and short-term foreign experts and teachers;

              6. Assisting various Schools and Departments to organize international conferences;

              7. Assisting various Schools and Departments to apply for joint programs with overseas institutions or organizations;

              8. Publicizing the University and engaging disciplinary awareness in foreign affairs.


              As the only higher institution that offers comprehensive foreign language programs in the Northwest China, Xi'an International Studies University (XISU) possess a unique advantage in international cooperation and exchanges. Dedicated to becoming a featured high level international university, XISU has always been inheriting the legacy, highlighting the unique characteristic, pursuing scientific development, and fully taking advantages of foreign language education, and paying equal attention to "going out" and"bringing in" in order to be more open and international to all.

              To cultivate interdisciplinary compound and internationalized talents with complete personality, professional knowledge, international perspective, cultural self-consciousness, innovation and practicability, the University has brought its own advantage to carry out extensive international academic exchanges and cooperation by signing series of cooperation agreements with 205 higher institutions and research institutes worldwide, in order to promote academic exchange among faculty and students, and joint degree programs at undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral level.  

              XISU has overseas practice bases in the United States, Japan, India and Thailand. The University has a Multilingual Base for International Promotion of Chinese Language (Xi'an) administered by Confucius Institutes Headquarters/Hanban and 3 Confucius institutes overseas. XISU's School of Central Asia is specifically responsible for promoting international education in Central Asia. The University also has Institute of Polish Studies, Institute of Arabic Studies, Institute of Northeast Asian Studies, as well as some foreign culture and communication organizations such as "Sejong School" of South Korea, "Goethe Language Center" of German, "Russian Language and Culture Center".

              XISU has overseas study preparatory base and training center authorized by the Ministry of Education (MoE) and China Scholarship Council (CSC). In the past three years, the University has sent out 220 faculties aboard as exchange scholars and 2,980 students to study and intern overseas, and has also recruited 2,471 international students. XISU has confirmed its dedication to promoting a more open and international education, further enriching the ideas of "dual campuses" and "compound talents", enhancing the quality of internationalization-oriented personnel training, and strengthening students' international competitiveness and global influence of the University.

              XISU has dedicated itself to serving national and regional development and diplomatic strategy, stably promoting "The Belt and Road" initiative, and deploying international education, and thoroughly improving the effectiveness of international cooperation and exchanges and global influence. Over the past decade, XISU has sent out more than 10 delegations annually, and they all successfully accomplished the missions of promoting the international development and reputation of the University. Meanwhile, XISU also welcomed nearly 200 members from 100 delegations of universities, research institutes, and embassies and consulates, as well as about 30 internationally renowned scholars and experts every year. Former Prime Minister of Pakistan Shaukat Aziz has also been invited as honorary professor. In sum, XISU has received 759 foreign delegations of nearly 2800 visitors. The University has maintained good cooperative relationship with universities, research institutes, and embassies and consulates worldwide.


              Contact person:

              Contact information:

              Email: guojichu@xisu.edu.cn



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